Sell today. Spend tonight. Enjoy tomorrow.

Selling your car is a joyride with Anycar

Anycar is hassle free and dare we say fun way to sell your car. We do the dirty work so you can spend time doing the things you love. Oh, Did we say free? Yes, it’s free. So whether you are planning ahead or in need of a quick sale, we can tailor a specific solution for you
No need to place adverts or field calls from scammers and tyre kickers. No more viewings, no more inviting strangers into your home. And to top it off we secure full payment upon pickup.
Sell as is. No roadworthy, no recon, no need to get off the couch. Go surfing. Simple, done, fast. We purchase the vehicle directly from you, put money in your pocket and guarantee a quick, smooth transaction.
End your tireless selling-journey today. We smooth out the bumps. We take your beloved vehicle off your driveway and put money in your pocket straight away, so you can focus on the things you love.
We are on your side, equally motivated to optimise your sale price. How? Our nationwide network of expert buyers compete to buy your vehicle. We take care of the rest.

How to sell with confidence today? In a nutshell

We love selling cars and we are darn good at it. *(min. 4G reception required).

1. Give our friendly team a call

Call us on 0480 047 712. We’ll gather some info on your car, set up a time to take some photos, and agree on your minimum price.

2. We tell our vast network

We put some money into your account and then our team work to get the highest possible offers from our vast network of buyers. We inform you on the optimized price.

3. We get the car and you get paid!

We handle all the paperwork, send a truck to pickup your car and you receive instant full payment.

Why sell with AnyCar Australia?

Our valued customers tell us selling at AnyCar Australia is a dream. They say we take the headache out of selling your car whilst optimizing your return. Our buying process is safe and simple. Your life remains uninterrupted by tire-kickers. We take care of your Roadworthy Certificate and there are no post sale headaches.
seconds to find a new vehicle owner
vehicles assessments annually
dealer views annually
dealer bids annually

The customers before you say...

From the first contact up to my money arriving and the car getting collected, I didn't have leave my house or had to run errands around town. Everything worked as they said and swiftly despite my rural location. AnyCar-Australia has guided me through the whole process and I was that happy that I have now approached them about selling our other car.

Christine T.

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Yvonne G.

We ended up getting >20% more than we expected!

Michiel A .

Frequently Asked Questions

Our inspectors will invite you to a video call at your convenience, wherever you are, 7 days a week (min. 4G reception required). During that video call we will remotely collect selected photos, audio and video using your mobile phone camera. We typically inspect exterior, interior, under the bonnet and ask you a set of questions about your car while completing a digital Condition Report to confirm your car’s condition. The video call will take about 20 minutes, and we’ll typically have the report completed within an hour.
It costs you nothing! You should never have to pay to sell your car. At no point will we be asking you to pay for the sale or your car. You don’t even have to organize and pay for a Roadworthy Certificate or pay for transport. Once we have confirmed the condition of your car through a video call we will pay you a deposit to secure the car and organize our own transport. We work hard to be your highest offer so that it’s a no-brainer to sell it to us.

We’ll pay you a deposit after confirming your car’s condition and pay the remainder upon collection straight into your nominated bank account.

Anycar Australia buys your car directly from you, you don’t have to deal with a third party buyer. We sell your car to buyer that have the highest appetite for your car at the time you are selling it. Our network of buyers consists of all types - national dealer groups, local franchise dealers, independent used car dealers - anyone who is willing to pay the most!

Nope, we buy your vehicle directly from you! That’s why your selling journey ends with us.

When you accept our offer, we buy the car directly from you. We then sell the car to our buyer, who pays us a small fee for finding, inspecting, taking ownership, transporting, and guaranteeing the condition of the car for them.

No. Due to the lengthy processes banks and finance companies go through to remove the liens on vehicles, we can’t facilitate our fast and convenient purchasing and selling process for now.

Sadly, we can not buy your leased car. Same as with loans, leases are backed by banks and finance companies and the time it can take them to remove the financial interest on a vehicle doesn’t match our fast and convenient purchasing and selling process for now.

After we committed to buying your car, we would like to have one of our inspectors within 20 minutes on a video call with you to confirm your car’s condition. The Condition Report will be finalized after about an hour and then we can already pay you the deposit to secure the car. The full payment will be done upon collection which can vary depending on your location and the availability of the transport companies, we aim to conclude the entire process within half a day.

You will receive an invite with a link to the auction of your car and you can view the process from the sideline. Our auctions typically only take 15 minutes and the highest price will be the winning bid. You will know instantly how much more than our initial, purchase offer you will receive.

We will send you an email with a checklist and forms that are required for the purchase of your car. All you need to do is email those forms back to us completed and signed, along with your driver’s licence, registration certificate and -if the car was owned by a business- a tax invoice including Gst. Upon vehicle collection, please place the owners manuals, the service book/invoices, all vehicle documentation that you might have in the glove box. All seats, headrests, accessories and items that belong to the vehicle need to be in the car. Attach all keys to one keyring and hand it over to the collection agent. Last but not least, make sure you remove any personal belongings from your car along with your e-tag and sunglasses.

If you would like to confirm that you received a real AnyCar-Australia call, please contact our office on 03 8658 6464.

We are always only a phone call, email or chat away.