How it works

Gone are the days when selling your vehicle is stressful or takes forever. Say goodbye to waiting around for calls or visits from potential buyers, lengthy price negotiations with cheapskates and pointless discussions over the colours of your seats.

Selling from A to Z

This is how it works for private sellers.
  • Contact us

  • Info on vehicle + ownership + usage

  • Tab into data sources to predict fair market value

  • Minimum sale price

    Agree on minimum sale price for you to get comfortable with.

  • Vehicle inspection

    We inspect and diagnose your vehicle through remote inspections tools and additional data collection, to help us understand & optimize your price.

  • Receive deposit

    We pay you a deposit because we are very excited to buy your car!

  • Connect your vehicle to our buyers

    We need only 15 minutes to expose your vehicle to Australia's most enthusiastic buyers.

  • Price confirmation

    Then we come back to you to confirm a final price.

  • Paperwork

    Let us us deal with all the paperwork and make it as easy as possible for you.

  • Pick-up the vehicle

    In the meantime we arrange to have your vehicle picked up from you.

  • Receive full payment

    Before we take your car away we pay you in full and await your confirmation.

Buying from A to Z

This is how it works for dealers only!
  • Register

  • Know your customer/ Dealer team contact

  • Gain platform access

  • Auction notification

  • View auction report

  • Make a bid

  • Stay on top of the 15 min auction

    Make sure you win!

  • Check inbox for instant invoicing, payment details and pick up info

  • AnyCar Australia offline quality assurance

  • Pay your bill

  • Collect, have a coffee, validate the vehicle condition & drive away!