AnyCar. Any time. Any place.

Buckle up and get ready to bid!

We bring excitement to the world of car auctions.

Access to inventory

Your growth ambitions should never be limited by the amount of vehicles you are able to buy. We identify more cars on a daily basis than anyone else in the market. But not only that, it take us seconds to target any vehicle owner, what would take days or even weeks for others.

Vehicle transparency

Comprehensive view inside in vehicle condition, transparency in previous ownership and any kind of encumbrance BEFORE making your educated buying decision.


We do not only find you the best match but we also take the full accountability during the transaction. Our bread and butter is the vehicle assessment, in order for you to make a remote buying decision it is our mission that the vehicle assessment report matches the vehicle condition close to 100%. As we are taking ownership of the vehicle and therefore secure vehicle condition, price and availability, we will execute quality assurance before we handover the vehicle to our excited buyers.

The ease of an online platform

Anycar Australia sells through online platform only, tailored to dealerships to maintain their focus on retail rather than being occupied by complicated and time consuming sourcing challenges. That means we aim to have you stay in your showroom, enjoy a cup of coffee and have the ability to buy your next vehicle at the push of your thumb. Each buying assessment will take you NO MORE than 15 minutes.

An even playing field for all dealers

We create an even playing field regardless of the dealer size, dealer location or dealer profile. AnyCar Australia conditions the buyer pool and does not allow any consumers to bid on our platform. We aim to give all dealers equal opportunities to buy vehicles best aligned with their daily requirements.

On-demand stock

AnyCar Australia enables you to adjust your stock mix with much more agility. Our buyers have the ability to fulfil your vehicle requirements on an hourly basis.

Our process

1. Access the platform

Get connected by dealer support for additional information and receive your login details

2. View the auction report

Receive notification of upcoming auction an access any vehicle information available, that helps you with your buying decision. This could be a value, a picture of the vehicle or a close up of a damage, a video, or even an audio recording.

3. Bid & win

As a buyer you have the ability to place multiple bids to set an auto bid or to scoop away the vehicle before any of the other buyers can get their hands on it. It only takes you 15 minutes to cast your winning bid

4. Pay & collect

The winner of the auction will receive a platform notification with payment details/terms and a collection information. Upon request Anycar Australia will facilitate transport.

seconds to find a new vehicle owner
vehicles assessments annually
dealer views annually
dealer bids annually

The dealers before you say...

The process of buying a car from AnyCar Australia is very easy and clearly explained. The assessment report matches the car 100%, very accurately described and the whole transaction happens extremely fast and professionally.

Joe Abalos Owner JG Auto Traders in Melbourne

As a professional buyer for a car dealership, AnyCar Australia's assessment report makes my purchase decisions super easy and transparent. By looking at the report, I know exactly what I have to expect and allow for. The cars I can access are always fresh stock and not the old and stale wholesale churn.

Rendall Paynter Buyer Motorama

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all bids are binding. Whether winning or under bidding. We understand, typos can happen, so we ask to confirm every bid before it goes live. If you want to utilise our autobid function we even ask you to enter a code to confirm your maximum autobid.

As wide as the variety of cars is we sell, they have yet got a few things in common: They all come free of encumbrances, AnyCar-Australia owns all the cars on our marketplace, all cars are sold with a comprehensive inspection report, any car you see up for auction you can own, all cars are ready for immediate collection/delivery. We value you input on cars you’d like us to source.

Our auctions are designed to run 15 minutes. Which means, within a maximum of 15 minutes you know if you or another bidder owns the car. If however, if multiple dealers are competing until the last second, our system extends the bidding of those parties in 10 second steps for a maximum of 2 minutes, no more than that!

Yes we can, however the winning dealer is also free to organise his own transport arrangements.

While we take the utmost care to match the vehicle condition 100% to the report, we understand that cars will always be cars and things can happen. In that case we ask the dealer to advise us of the issue found and we work on a mutual agreeable solution.

The full payment has to be transacted in full to us within 24 hours of the proforma tax invoice. The proforma tax invoice gets generated and emailed to the winning bidder as soon as the auction finishes. The remittance needs to be uploaded through your dealer dashboard.

If a dealership/dealer group has multiple sites or buying departments, all the designated buyers can register an account to view the cars and bid to win them. However many you require, we sign up!

Yes. Only registered motor car traders can register with AnyCar-Australia to join auctions and to buy cars.

Only fully registered account holders that have completed their registration with one of our team members get full access.

Every car you look at will show in which city the car will be auctioned from. Our warehouses are in metropolitan areas until otherwise stated. Transport will be from the location in the auction details.

The Reserve Price is set by AnyCar-Australia. Bids below the Reserve Price will be accepted but car availability is not guaranteed. Only once the bidding has gone higher than the Reserve Price, the car will be on the market and the highest bid will own the car.

We will let the auction finish and afterwards internally assess our opportunities. If a dealer has missed the final stages of the auction and really wants the car, please call our Dealer Support Team to let us know and we will be happy to have a conversation.

The Buy Now price is set by AnyCar-Australia to speed up the dealer’s purchasing process even further. If a dealer sees a highly desirable car and doesn’t want to run the risk of losing out or missing the end of the auction, the dealer can simply select to Buy Now, confirm his selection and the car is off the market. The Buy Now option disappears if the bidding process is close to the Buy Now value.

Again, this is to optimise the dealer’s purchasing process by enabling a dealer to place a maximum bid amount and let the system automatically overbid anyone else, up to that value by the required increments. If the first Autobid wasn’t high enough, it can be topped up or switched over to manual bidding. To place an Autobid, the platform will ask to confirm the value by entering a code.

As part of the registration we ask dealers for their stock requirements so that we can target the right cars to the right dealers. This includes age, mileage, location, type, make etc so that we can offer the right cars to the right dealers. Periodically we check in with our dealers to see if there are any changes to their requirements and change the car offerings accordingly. If you’d like us to source any specific vehicle to your likings, please contact us!

The car will only cost the hammer price! No further auction or admin fees. AnyCar-Australia doesn’t charge any sign-up fees, subscription fees or any other ongoing or once off fees. We only charge the transactional committed buying price for the car. Transport charges are additional, if requested by the buying dealer.

Yes, we have got access to thousands of leads every day and the required car is often only a few phone calls away. Our Dealer Support Team will be happy to take the order.

Congratulations! Well done! Immediately upon auction end, we send an invoice to the registered email address of the winning bidder. This invoice needs to be paid within 24 hours of auction end and the remittance uploaded to the buyer’s AnyCar-Australia auction dashboard. Once this has been uploaded, the car can be collected/transported. Vehicles can be sighted prior to payment at the AnyCar-Australia location shown in the auction.

While we are not a finance company and offer finance agreements, in certain cases we can look at different payment terms depending on the buyer, the car, the final auction price or the required payment terms.

No. The cars are being sold without warranties, only to licensed motor car traders.

No. We choose to sell cars on an “as is” basis. AnyCar-Australia aims to match the vehicle condition 100% to the displayed condition report so that the dealers can factor in what is required for reconditioning and maximise their gross opportunity by doing it themselves.

No, AnyCar-Australia only supplies licensed motor car traders vehicles on an “as is”-”where-is” basis. If however, we have sourced the car with a valid RWC/safety certificate, we will disclose the particulars in the auction and pass it on to the buying dealer.

No. A registered dealer can buy as many or as little cars as required. Our Dealer Support Team will periodically be in contact with our dealer network to look at volume and required stock mix to help you tab into the right cars, enabling the network to be well stocked and profitable.