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About us

We bring excitement to the world of cars since 2022

Our mission

Our mission is to help all the the parties in making their life simple with the use of our experience, our expert team, our AI-driven technology and most important our values for their satisfaction. We want to connect the dots between car sellers and car buyers, between car owners who want a hassle-free process and car dealerships that want to scale and mitigate risk at the same time! For people who want to sell their car, we diagnose and buy your car right on the spot. For businesses, we provide solutions for unlimited access to inventory and risk mitigated vehicle sourcing.
We level the playing field on both selling- and buying side, offering equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of age, gender, location, availability of time or automotive knowledge. We remove headache by taking accountability upon ourselves and offer fair value any day of the week, making it convenient, innovative and fast experience.

We are team AnyCar Australia

All of us here at AnyCar Australia have one thing in common – we care about your ride and about YOU!
Yes, we stretch our neck to get you the best deal, but we believe it’s not just about price but about giving you value. We want you to feel the joy from the moment you get in touch with us, to the minute you leave our virtual doorstep, knowing you are in safe hands leaving your ride with us. Our team of experienced, well-trained people will take great pride in making sure that you selling your beloved ride is as easy and fast as honking your horn.
So from the whole team here at AnyCar Australia, we look forward to giving you the complete AnyCar Australia experience.

Our vision

Automotive space is quite a traditional and established environment. In last two decades used car dealerships had to transition and embrace online non-transactional classifieds portals as their main source of supply- and demand. In more recent years a number of online transactional companies have made their way to Australia, trying to sell vehicles to consumers via online channels.

The automotive landscape in Australia is ready for disruption and we are excited to build a strong team of talent to accomplish that in the shortest amount of time. AnyCar Australia is a breeding place for ambitious people that are ready to accelerate their career. For that reason AnyCar Australia should aim to position itself within the top 10 best companies to work for, which would be an amazing milestone! Over time AnyCar Australia will be able to facilitate AsiaPac & global career ambitions as we are looking to expand our activities across the borders as soon as our Australian business has become substantial.

Interestingly enough, if dealers are asked how to double their business they don’t respond asking to help them sell a vehicle – they require assistance to source instead. A used car dealership spends 85-90% of their time trying to source vehicles, while they are never really stuck with a vehicle. Depending on their size and capabilities dealerships struggle with reach, speed, data-intelligence and lack of vehicle transparency.

We see a good window of opportunity to utilize a tech/data-enabled approach and take a significant stake in the Australian automotive space. What if we mobilize our South-East Asian experience, localize our existing O-O-O platform and gather Australian data to expose our findings to Australian talent? It would enable any Australian dealerships to source pre-inspected vehicles anywhere in the country, and have unlimited access to inventory at any time, under a thumb on their smartphone.

The challenges

The automotive experience is broken – both Seller & Buyer challenges are not conquered by the current landscape. Price discovery, safety, speed and convenience are not facilitated by classifieds portals, nor by interacting with dealerships or private buyers directly. Dealerships face a huge inability to source sufficient inventory at right price. 60% of dealer inventory originates from Consumers, while consumers sell only 28% of their vehicles to dealerships. On top of all that, Australia’s state-by-state legislation and sheer size makes it very challenging for both sellers- and buyers to capitalize on nationwide arbitrage.

Our solution

An AsiaPac-wide, localized solution: A marketplace where supply meets demand online, where AnyCar Australia takes full accountability for the availability, the condition and the price of the vehicle. We validate vehicles and vehicle ownership by executing a completely location-independent, comprehensive assessment before connecting a highly engaged network of buyers to the vehicle. A true online-to-offline-to-online experience to connect the dots and remove headache on both ends!

Only a 6hr end-to-end seller experience while buyers gain access to unlimited inventory at their fingertips through 350+ point vehicle assessments and 15-minute auctions. 

Our target market

Our target market is a well-balanced selection of Australia’s 3000 used car dealerships nationwide. We do not only make a selection based on make, model, trim or price-range – it is very important to manage actual dealer engagement and our inventory representation for each dealership by gradually adding new dealerships as our supply grows. Dealerships of all sizes need to be represented and our pricing data will create insight where best to buy – and sell across Australia. Eventually we need to groom the dealerships by proving value of using our platform versus competition, and even versus their own (very expensive) buying executives.

Pricing strategy

We offer a subscription-free model, removing any hesitation for a dealership to engage with us. A dealership thinks transactional and is often challenged having to invest in a long-term subscription while uncertain of the outcome. Instead, we make sure we match dealer demand with vehicle supply, creating appetite and maximize engagement. Once a dealer is pre-qualified, they are able to view, bid and win vehicles at the push of a button. Vehicles are exposed through auction, creating fair value on supply-side as well, as dealers across Australia increase appetite when they know they have buyer commitments on their end.

Digital technology

Seller app, assessment app, marketplace app, dealer app,and more! We are quite unique in our supply-targeting, utilizing large data and algorithms to increase reach, speed and reduce customer acquisition cost to an absolute minimum. We are able to enhance vehicle assessments by adding more tech/AI/IOT to our platform. This will enable us to execute vehicle (pre-)assessments anywhere in Australia, not bounded by hour/day of the week or location, before we commit to a buy-decision.

seconds to find a new vehicle owner
vehicles assessments annually
dealer views annually
dealer bids annually

Our team and experience

AnyCar Australia has an experienced executive management team that consists of serial entrepreneurs with previous experience in building tech for automotive auctions, predictive models for property and building similar operations overseas. All together they have reached $150m revenue (from inception at 0) in 26 months with 400+ people and 28x business value growth. The team has  successfully raised Seed Pre-A and A-Round funding with Termsheet from global VCs. Our executive team is supported by very experienced department heads.


Rolf Monteiro

Founder of

Dutch/mixed Indonesian Serial

Entrepreneur & Start-UP CEO

Prior founder of in Indonesia.

Business value growth 28-fold, with 32 location in 4 cities.

Within 26 months 400+ employees

Prior heading iCar Indonesia, LinvingSocial Indonesia & Groupon Netherlands & Middle-East


Renso Bek

Investor in

Expertize in Automotive-, Predictive- & Auction Platforms

Prior co-founder & CTO Redhotminute. Digital agency. Founded in 2000. Grew into a 120 FTE company.

Extensive experience in building platforms auction-based property concepts & pan-European Automotive clients.

Director and Head of Market Place

Faisal Aswar

Data-driven, focused on quality & satisfaction, peoples’ manager

Prior Head of Contact Center at, iCar Indonesia, & LivingSocial Indonesia.

Experienced to initiate new channels, up to 70+ agents & > 5.000 calls daily

Group Finance

Margaret Shirley

Successfully raised Seed Pre-A and A-Round funding with Termsheet from global VCs.

Experienced in accounting, compliance, fundraising, auditing and due diligence.