We know there is a lot of uncertainty, lack of transparency and grey zones in the Automotive market. People do not feel comfortable with buying or selling a car, since they do not usually have a benchmark, and have second thoughts after they have transacted. Dealers struggle to get access to vehicle inventory that shakes their market, based on their market needs. Auto Repair Shops do not maximize their efficiency, since they have many empty slots in their daily schedule.

Our mission is to help all the automotive space stakeholders to maximize their value and satisfaction, by making their life simple with the use of our experience and our AI-driven technology.

Our objective is to become a point of reference and the place where all transactions happening when it comes to Auto Space.  We want to connect the dots between car sellers and car buyers, between car owners with an issue and Auto Repair Shops.

We offer Speed, Convenience and Safety. We have identified these as key motivators for taking decisions into transacting.

Our Core Values

At SEAuto we believe that the company must be a home for everyone inside.
We build our home on 4 pillars.

Well  Rewarded

Everyone will be fairly valued on their skills and merit.

Personal Development
We value the idea of becoming better than what we were yesterday.

 Achievement Oriented
We know what we want, and we fight hard to get there.

Celebrate & Fun
As a family, its always important to celebrate our achievements and have fun along the way.